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flagge frankreich deutschland_flagge_fahne  We are all from Africa

melting pot front

30.05. – 04.09. 2016 MELTING POT Exposition, Rudolf-Steiner-Haus, Bonn


With my paintings, I want to remind us of our common roots. Africa is the cradle of mankind – in every one of us, there is a piece of Africa. Evolution tells us that our ancestors set out from Africa some hundred thousand years ago to populate the other continents. Today we are conscious of this heritage and after centuries of repression we are capable of admitting and appreciating it..

The artistic process:

The artistic Renaissance of faces is turning a European face into an African and takes place on various levels and beyond the sole pictographic transaction. It is not only the coloring or the hairstyle and the physiognomy that morph, but much more an alteration in the portrayed facial expression, be it a slight change of mentality, be it a new vivacity, aspiration, pride or energy. Especially playing with these forms of expression, which provokes a second glance, fascinated me.

In the last years, here in Germany, a team of prominent ambassadors has been lining up, supporting various projects for the people of Africa. Headed by our German state leaders, former President Köhler und Chancellor Merkel, many prominent persons from all areas, politics, economy, culture, and sports, have been standing up and raising their voices for Africa and its people.

I am planning to tour with my exhibition through several African countries, along with the children choir project “Power Of Voice”, bringing together German and African children for a cultural exchange. Music and arts resemble cultural exchange and enable us to meet others and make friends. They inspire and make dreams come true. Sonja Kandels